Michael Willems is one of those rare photographers that can truly 'capture the moment' whether it be a commercial or private and personal occasion.

With years of experience and having the gift of 'seeing through the lens' Michael has taken his photography to another level.  His professionalism and range of lenses and 'top of the range' camera equipment make him one of the leaders in his field of expertise.

Besides working as a full-time photographer, Michael is also a reputable teacher of photography and constantly inspires up-and-coming photographers to improve their standards and images.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone considering engaging a photographer whether it be for commercial purposes or for the most important day of their lives- the wedding day. Michael will exceed all expectations

He is extremely likeable and personable, punctual and reliable, and will always deliver a first class service.

Jane Dayus-Hinch

Host of TV show


A Few References:

•“Michael is the show when teaching. Excellent communicator."  (J.D., Oct 2008)

“I have to say my decision to train with you was the best move I could ever done. You are an amazing! teacher. I just went through model mayhem photographers in my area. I can't believe how my skills compare in such a short time. You are a gifted teacher. And I'm honored to be training with you.”

(Jeff R, Jan 2013)

•“Michael Willems is my fave instructor!!” (S.S., Dec 2008)

•"Michael is a wonderful teacher - very knowledgeable, very patient and extremely helpful. I asked a ton of questions and he was very accommodating. I also liked the little tips he offered on taking good pictures." (J.G., Sep 2008)

•“Saturday was the second time that I had the pleasure of being in one of your classes. You have great communication skills and I thoroughly enjoy your courses. Thank you for making your teaching sessions so informative and interesting". (G.B, Sep 2008)

•“Fantastic Presenter! Give him a raise!” (J.S., Nov 2008)

•“Michael is a wonderful teacher: very knowledgeable, very patient and extremely helpful” (J.G., Nov 2008)

•“Very engaging instructor” (R.M., Dec 2008)

•“He was knowledgeable and engaging. Money well spent!” (I.K., Dec 2008)

•“Michael Rocks!  :-) ” (W.H., Dec 2008)

•“Michael was an excellent instructor”  (A.B. Jan 2009)

•“Interesting teacher: diverse, energized, funny” (J.L., Jan 2009)

Wow, thanks again for an excellent evening. That’s the most I have seen our membership engaged. You definitely have a new following.

Steve (Oct 2013)

•“Presenter was an amazing people person” (K.J. Jan 2009)

•“I enjoyed very much the way you conveyed your message, the humor was what spiced the lecture and gave it its special flavor” (O.B.N., Feb 2009)

•“Many members expressed their comments that it was one of the highlights of our season” - “You were engaging, interesting, well prepared and had something for everyone.” (L.G., Feb. 2009)

•Michael was excellent and obviously very knowledgeable (L.E., Feb 2009)

•Michael was fabulous! Very helpful! (L.F., Feb 2009)

•“MW is excellent - great and interesting presenter” (JW, March 2009)

•“*Michael Willems was superb*. Great Show!” (NF, March 2009)

•“Michael was excellent, and obviously very knowledgeable” (LE, March 2009)

•“Michael was Fabulous!” (LF, March 2009)

•“Michael was wonderful and very helpful. Great workshop!!!” (A.S., April 2009)

•“Wonderful workshop, excellent presenter - knowledgeable, engaging, and a gift for sharing knowledge” (D.L., June 2009)

•“Great! After 30 years and a diploma from Sheridan, I learned a lot!” (T.M., June 2009)

•“Michael was an excellent instructor! Extremely knowledgeable and at the same time a great communicator. The class was extremely interesting from the first to the last minute.” (H.F., June 2009)

•“It really was fun, the content was insightful, and I can't wait to start experimenting with some things we learned! You're an awesome presenter with a great sense of humour!” (M.I., July 2009)

•“Michael is a wonderful instructor.” (Peter P., August 2009)

•“Your teaching style is awesome!” (Al McK, August 2009)

•“It honestly met all my expectations and exceeded them - Michael is an excellent instructor.” (Ardean P., August 2009)

•“Excellent Professor, Highly Recommended!” (David L., August 2009)

•“Really hope i can do another class with you... you were fantastic!!” (Tim M., August 2009)

•“We really are lucky to have gotten to learn from someone with such a passion for what they do. Thank you!” (Peter G., August 2009)

•”Michael was 1st rate. I learned so much!” (David O, August 2009)

•“Dramatic speaker, and interesting” (Lester M, Sept. 2009)

•“This presenter was very good” (N. S., September 2009)

•“Very inspiring, very engaging course - time flew! Thank you for sharing your passion!!!” (Gina B., October 2009)

•“You are awesome!” (Dani V., October 2009)

•"Well done! I've spent $ on various courses/workshops, and without sounding egotistical, have mostly been disappointed with the level of professionalism + quality of presentation and/or the material. It was refreshing to hear from someone who "knows their stuff" and presents in an interesting and organized fashion. Many thanks!"

•“I must say that was the best workshop I have ever attended.” (Debbie R, March 2010)

•“You are a very inspiring teacher - it’s a great quality to be able to teach with the charisma you do” (Laura B., April 2010)

•“The workshop on Sunday was the single most valuable photographic instructional learning experience I've had: thank you!” (Jackie N, June 2010)

•“Attended your class last week in Mississauga which, from a learning experience, was the most enjoyable and educational 3-hour period I may have ever had.” (Ray B., Sep 2010)

•“You are a great teacher” - (Dan B., Jan 2011)

•“Perhaps the single best photography book I have read!”

•“Books are easy to read through”

•“Your teaching is first class, in its being both articulate and practical”

•“It is rather clear from your book that you are still in love with photography”

•“Clearly a doctorate level presentation.”

•“You've made learning photography fun!”

•“Your use of the English language excels”

•“The manner in which you explain things far surpasses that of the many others whom I have taken courses from.”

•“Your wit comes through as well, making your book and cookbook a good read”

•“Absolutely treasure and refer to the books on a regular basis”

•Today went well - thank you - I know these are not secrets but the way you teach works with my brain. You add to my craft and I am forever grateful to be your new friend and colleague. (KM, 2015)

•I also wanted to tell you how very helpful I'm finding all the books I purchased on your CDs and you're right.  Reading them a few times over helps even more! (Maria M., Dec 2015)

•Thank you for a great course. I only wish that if I took the beginner course with you, I'd be much further ahead. I'll keep reading, learning, practicing. (M.M., Dec 2015)