What do you photograph?

I am an event photographer. But also a portrait pro. In fact I shoot a wide range of  subjects, from newspaper photos to fashion; from weddings to travel photography to portraits; from stock photos to corporate shoots to tasteful nudes to documentary photojournalism. In other words, “everything”. I am an all-round photographer, but it does not mean I do not have preferences. I like people. I like portraits. And I like photojournalism. And as a people person, I love events. If you would like help with any photography, ask. I’ll tell you if it is something I do well.

What do you teach?

Anything photography. As a natural teacher (see customer testimonials) who is also a long time corporate manager and an engineer, I am first and foremost a communicator, and I really, really enjoy making difficult subjects simple. It is what I do best. And in that context, I teach a wide range of subjects ranging from camera use for beginners to Lightroom and TTL Flash use for advanced professionals.

Do you teach private courses?

Yes. For beginners, intermediate students, emerging pros and pros. Not everyone benefits from set courses: some people would rather have tailor-made training for themselves or small groups that is not offered elsewhere. And I provide that. At your place or mine. Or via Skype. Try one session - I guarantee you will be delighted. Check out http://learning.photography.     

Where do you teach?

Worldwide. I am based in Brantford, Ontario, and I teach in person across the GTA, and regularly in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. I also teach in person worldwide: a small group is often enough to get me to come do a personal presentation. If there’s just one of you, I teach using live Hangouts. This is as good as being there in person, whether you are in New York, NY, or in Sydney, Australia. It’s simple: contact me to hear how it’s done.

I am an ex student of yours. Can I ask you a question?

Yes. Sure. As a student, you have priority personal access to me for questions and answers: you can contact me for assistance or advice (preferably via email so I can read the question). If you are not a student, I offer the same great advice at $125 per hour (minimum $20).

Do you teach total beginners?

All the time. Don’t be afraid: you will learn how your camera works.

Do you teach pros and emerging pros?

All the time. You will learn fine details of your camera system’s custom settings, its dedicated lighting systems, useful tools and additions, workflow enhancements, and more. All tuned to your individual needs.

Are you comfortable talking to large crowds?

Certainly. The more the better. This is the closest I’ll ever get to being a rock star: but more importantly, conveying information in a fun and understandable way is my special talent and you will find my engagements both useful and fun.

How many people have you taught?

Thousands. And thousands. From all walks of life an from all backgrounds. From kids to pensioners; from scientists to people without any formal education.

Where do you work?

Anywhere. I teach and shoot in the Greater Toronto area, but having worked and lived all over the world (in 40 countries on five continents, at last count) I am available literally everywhere. Need me to shoot a villa in the Caribbean, teach a group of people in Hong Kong, speak in Winnipeg or cover an event in Rome? I’ll be there, no problem and no hassle.

So I bet that’s expensive.

No. I cost less than a plumber. And what’s more, it is also great value for money.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes: for all personal training, you get my total happiness guarantee: if you are not delighted, I refund you at the end of the course. I am happy to report I have never used this guarantee, but it’s there for your comfort!

Why Canon?

I shoot with professional Canon equipment, but am not married to it. You know, photography is all about the light. We tend to invest heavily in one brand or another. Most pros shoot with Nikon or Canon equipment, and I have invested in professional Canon lenses, camera, flashes and other peripheral equipment. I particularly like Canon’s lens range and interfaces. That said, I would switch to any brand equipment if I saw good reason. They’re all good. We live in great times, photographically speaking.