Michael's photographic vision is a creative one, based in thorough knowledge of all the technology and theory. Unusually, he also combines this with good business sense and with a thorough understanding of his clients' needs. Corporate, family, journalism, weddings: Michael can photograph whatever style the occasion, and the client, requires.

He is also a born educator. He teaches large crowds; he teaches at the internationally known Sheridan College of Art and Design, and he teaches individuals and small groups in his studio, or on location anywhere, or worldwide via Google Hangouts. He also teaches for the US-based Digital Photo Academy. In the past, he taught at the School of Imaging, at Vistek, and at the annual Niagara School of Imaging (NSI). Michael's modern teaching methods make full use of interactivity and online technology, and are aimed at making you truly master photography, from the technology to the art, in a minimum of time.

Michael has written columns for a number of photography magazines, and his photography has appeared in The Globe and Mail, the National Post, The Toronto Sun, The Toronto Star, BBC, The Hamilton Spectator, West of the City, and many other publications. He also holds regular solo exhibits of his work.

Last but not least, based on his many years of teaching photography, Michael has written a series of acclaimed photography teaching e-books. They are available on Amazon - and here.

Need more? See www.michaelsmuse.com, and check a few testimonials here.

Based in Brantford, Ontario, award-winning photographer Michael Willems works from the Toronto area, and from Las Vegas and Amsterdam.  Engineer by training, "C"-level business executive by experience, and photographer and educator by talent and choice, he has worked in 40 countries worldwide.