We live in a visual world.

Ever since cave art, we have been trying to use visual imagery to communicate events, objects, even feelings. It is the way to convey a complex message in one go. “A picture paints a thousand words”, they say, and with good reason.

Today, sharing images is a necessity. Whether it is to sell things, or to remember events, or to share your image on LinkedIn, we need professional images if we are to stand out. Amateur snapshots will no longer do it.

It used to be expensive and complicated to make an image; now, you simply click a button. But still, there are many things to learn. There’s technical knowledge: without knowing your camera and the principles of photography, you will not get far. Then composition, the rules of which haven’t changed since the 17th century. And then there’s the computer knowledge you need for the “post-work”. The good news, however: you can learn all this. “It’s just technique”.

You need a great teacher. One who thoroughly understands technology and photography, and who knows how to teach. It is not easy to find such a teacher. But Michael can help! As an engineer, he understands the technology, and as an educator, he knows how to convey it in an understandable way. His courses, supported by his range of e-books, guarantee that you will learn.

It is rare to find an endeavour that is both useful and fun, but photography is just such an endeavour. You will get noticeably better with every lesson, and what’s more: you will enjoy the learning process. Michael's unique "Dutch Masters" teaching methodology will help you unlock your creativity.

Start Right Now

Yes: you can start now. Right now. Seconds from reading this sentence. Come on... you know you want to do it! So, right now, download these full-chapter samples from several of my books:

➡ Knowing Your DSLR (a “must”!)

➡ Impactful Travel Photography

➡ Powerful Portraits

➡ Checklists

These will give you a taste of my teaching style—but more importantly, these excerpts were chosen to be useful in their own right. Enjoy!

A range of internationally acclaimed e-books that will make you an accomplished photographer. Using simple language, checklists, and hands-on examples, you quickly learn what you need. The books are large PDF files, free of annoying DRM. They look great on iPad, other tablets, and large smartphones—or you can print them (print license included). Buy here.

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