Everyone knows the Dutch Masters. Names like Vermeer, Van Gogh, Jan Steen, Hieronymus Bosch, Rembrandt: names that immediately evoke visions of mastery of light, exquisite composition, creativity, and unsurpassed technical skills.

– Do you want to like your own photography more?

– Do you want to be recognized for your creativity and skill?

– Does your current technical skill set prohibit you from getting

   the results you want?

– Have you ever felt you should be better at translating your vision

   into an actual photo?

– Have you ever wanted to have solo exhibits of your work?

In that case, Michael's Dutch Master Class courses are for you. Deep dive into your creativity and be the creative photographer that you really are. With a unique teaching style that takes its inspiration from hundreds of years of Dutch artistry, exploration, and discovery, award-winning photographer Michael Willems (who, incidentally, is Dutch Canadian) will teach you the skills that you need in his unique Dutch Master Classes.

Michael's teaching and books are based on these principles.

He also organizes regular VIP Photography Days, limited to a very small group of photographers. Solo, or in a group of no more than 4 photographers, you will learn the Five Steps to unlock your creativity; you will learn to translate your vision into a photograph; you will learn the technical skills you need; you will learn how to really see; you will get a one-on-one review of your work, and we review your skills and your knowledge gaps.

You will leave with the ability to create what you have in mind. Light, technical ability, composition, editing: all this leads to newfound confidence and enlightenment, and a way of really seeing the exquisite detail of the world around you.

"Michael Willems Dutch Master Class helps emerging photographers discover and showcase their creativity by providing cross-cultural photographer education through how-to books and one-on- one and group training."

"My mission is to unleash emerging photographers’ creativity and to help them capture the exquisite nuances of their world by using my method, which is inspired by the Dutch Masters and centuries of exploration, combined with a thorough technical education."